jeudi 8 octobre 2009

A day in the life of an Endocrinologist

Walk over to the school in the morning and chat and check about 26 students. Mainly for their propensity for Insulin Resistance and future Type 2 Diabetes.
In between other social chats with librarian and the principal.
Lunch: drive to south Sioux city, 25 miles away. Thai food. Invite my two coworkers to Lunch. I had Panang curry Vegetarian. They had Pad Thai and guao teow.
Afternoon sitting and looking at results collected yesterday. Happy to say the obesity rate is declining. The reason unknown but may be due to: introduction of fruit as snack at school. Closure of the junk food store near the school.
To dinner at Hunan palace, an old ‘Chinese’ restaurant. Michele and her husband Charlie and the three girls. Initially they are shy but soon that is gone. They all polished off their dinners. Felt good being with them. Gave the gifts from Malaysia..
It is getting darker earlier and the temperature is getting colder. While today was a lovely day with a top temperature of 22 C tomorrow is predicted to be a cold 9 degrees..
That is what they pay me for, as a consultant endocrinologist. Imagine the stress I would have if I were seeing patients all day at an office regardless how luxurious the offices are.. this kind of life suits me very much. You really have to choose the life you wish to have..
Thanks to the spirits that have brought me here to this point..

Dr Sudah Yehuda Kovesh Shaheb
Medical Anthropology
Creighton University Nebraska
Omaha and Winnebago Tribes of Nebraska
University of Havana, Cuba
Paris, France
Miami, Florida
Kuala Lumpur
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