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mardi 13 octobre 2009

Eats and Flies Part II October 10, 2009 IAH to EWR


Very comfortable seats and Attentive Staff.. On Continental Airlines. The aircraft was bound for Bombay from Newark even though I did not see too many sub continental people on this sector.

Whole Cashews

6 g carbohydrates out of 21 gram servicing i.e. about a third. Calories 120 , 90 of which from Fat, but who really cares, the ingredients, just three (not 33! And no Maltodextrin either): cashews, canola oil, and salt

If you concentrate on calories, you would have preferred to have eaten the cinnamon bagel chips of the previous flight (much worse for your heart). Eat less so don’t load up on total calories. But stop emphasizing Calories, but emphasize on Food! Food can be metabolized but chemicals damage your liver, heart and kidney. I am not interested whether High Fructose Corn Syrup is counted as Carbohydrates or Fat or whatever, I know that it won’t be metabolized by the same pathway, so talking about calories is useless when chemicals are involved…

A glass of white wine. After one week of abstinence, it felt good. It was a chardonnay from Mendoza.

Chicken Cesar Salad

A small classic Cesar dressing had greater than 20 ingredients!

Broccoli/cheese soup

Didn’t eat the chocolate chip/whatever, it had more than twenty ingredients.. Wow! This is what America eats!

Watched a beautiful Japanese movie

Yukisada Isao

Crying Out Love Center of the World

Ethos, emotions and the dreamy nature of photography, affected me very much. The acting by young actress who portrayed the school girl (nagasawa masami) was superb and she had gone on to win greater awards. The movie was released in 2005 I think, the year I visited Japan 9 times. I had a feeling I have seen this movie, and after about ten minutes I realized I have. A 17 year old in love with her classmate, dies of leukemia.. During the time of Typhoon No 29 and Uluru where they wanted to go, since it was the centre of the earth!

A lovely tale.

As soon as I landed in New York, I sent off an email to a dear friend of mine, Mr. Ho in Kuala Lumpur, a Mahler fan but also an authority on Asian films.. He had given me once his favourite 100 films! Hopefully he would help me also see them… in KL or elsewhere...

He replied as soon as the time difference between New York and KL evaporated... he had in fact written a short note on his blog about the movie...

There you can have other links to Asian Cinema…

So this is the Dichotomy of the USA... I had spent a wonderful week with American Indians, with good results on my health projects with them, now on a Business First Class seat on a Continental Flight, watching a heart rendering Japanese movie…


Incredibly heart and liver damaging, obesity producing food... Thank God for the Chardonnay from Mendoza...

It does appear that things that come from OUTSIDE the country, seems to be purer in content... and does not affect the body as much…