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mercredi 6 mai 2009

Noodle Bar or Nudle Bar?

Is it Noodle Bar or Nudle Bar?

Fusion Cuisine or is it blind mimicry? How do cuisines influence each other? Do the imperialists: whether georgraphic or cultural impose their cuisine upon others or they absorb the local cuisine into their own?

In the westernizing developing countries, usually at a rapid rate and Malaysia is a very good example, there is a trend in “fusion” cuisine in which to blend some flavours which are not their own, by chefs or more like cooks who do not have cultural lived in experience in the cuisines they are experimenting with.

One such example was the Noodle Bar. It was in the Hilton Hotel, rather fancy hotel with an enormous entrance hall and a spacious and bright noodle bar, where one could select from a small menu of noodles..

But in the end it is all basically Malaysian.. it is like the fancy dress ball of the Noodles..

Today I was able to see

Spinach and ostrich noodle, green in colour, congealed .

Udon, that simple meal of the Japanese lunch, now dressed in a broth with flavours of Malaysia

Glass Noodle with chicken


They looked a little different from one another, but the flavours were not all that different. One thing unappetizing was the larger portion size.. I would have been quite happy with half the size..


But these hotels are in prime locations, and they overlook wonderful scenes and that is the prime reason we would choose these places for conversations and discussions.

One such discussion on this lunch was with the Humble Man from Pahang…