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lundi 4 mai 2009

Ah Minha Terra Cognita.. First Full Day in Malaisie..

Ah Minha Terra Cognita…

If you can manage your sleep, you can enjoy your life even more.. Who sleeps more per day do you think? The French or the Japanese? Who takes longer time consuming Food, The French or the  Mexicans?

The French do it, do it with style and is considered jealously to be the most stylish nation on earth.. add to that Great Food and time to eat it.. and then relax.. viola, c’est la Vie…

Where does Malaysia fit in? People work hard here since there is no choice since the Society does not guarantee you much social/medical benefits, one has to constantly worry about that aspect of ones life and certainly the educational system is uneven and thousands of able Malaysians go away to Australia and other countries for further education never to come back, oh what a loss for Malaysia..

Like in every other country in the world, there is a small crème de la crème here.. and I am so fortunate enough to meet them.. and forge friendships with them in the short period of my intense association with Malaysia… which began in the earnest just about 13 months ago..

Who are the stars of today in my skies?

My Good Friend and confidante, without doubt my closest friend in Asia, Munchy Moon

When someone succeeds in India at a young age, it has more to do with talent than connection and one such person now donating his aesthetic talent to this land of immigrants is Abid, the Head of Promotions at Astro Entertainment.

ManLee is so sweet that I have recruited her to be my sister in law. She arrived from her short holiday in Taiwan, and with some very thoughtful gifts: a little container for business cards; a very nice notebook to keep journals while travelling; post cards to share with friends… and she has excellent taste in foods and I will give you what she ordered for dinner tonight at a restaurant nearby..

Inveterate in his deep thoughts , Ho and his very complimentary wife, Kit who has become close to my heart. A dinner with them tonight is a panoply of touching various aspects of our intellectual world.. ha to find this in company of delicious Chinese food selected by my sweet sister in law..

Abid was in charge of a promo shoot with a well known Hong Kong Chinese  actor, and Abid had invited us and it was an introduction into another world. Walking into the Astro HQ, I felt elated, the truly multicultural aspects of the ambience and the energy which was present. Simon Yam seemed a patient man and the crew filming him were very young, twenty somethings and dynamic… of course led by Abid..

Lunch courtesy of Astro…chicken curry. Nasih puteh. Green veggies..

Dinner at Restoran Hee Lai Ton, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malasia.

Indian Style Prawn… very tasty

Chef’s master chicken stock vegetable cum soup

Friend Brinjal

Steamed and sauted chicken

The evening talking to Ho and Kit, about films and books, our thoughts about the future of an even Malaysia and our individual roles in it..under the concerned eyes of Munchy and ManLee.. the time went so quickly.. food savoured and as usual we were the last ones to leave the restaurant…

Ha! It is an absolute delight to be back in Malaysia once again…in 2006, began my slow loss of Cuba, the country which is tattooed into my heart… Paris arrived and in 2007 it was Good Bye to Birmanie/Myanmar and in 2008, Malaysia arrived with such an emotional and intellectual bang..

Normally you are not thinking of Intellectual Life and Malaysia in the same breath ( unlike India, where you can breathe the intellectual ambience..) but to me, thanks to Munchy Moon, my association with Malaysia has been a great feast… literally of the food and the mind as well..

Was it Gracilosa de la Inca Vega who said.. La Vida es un sueno.. Life is just a dream?