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dimanche 17 mai 2009

How to Make a Difference... Myanmar

Just before they left Yangon, I called the three girls aside and with the help of William, discussed with them their plans for the future.
Ei To Win, the youngest one said, she is very interested in sewing and would love to become a seamstress. she needs a sewing machine to improve her skills and learn a living and support her family, rather than selling hats at the beach.
Tin Tin Aye, on the left, said she would like to learn English, so that she could hope to work in one of the hotels at the beach. She also was tired of being a hat seller at the beach. She already knows of a teacher who gives classes at his home and there are about five students taking English lessons. I asked William to find out about the classes to see how authentic are the classes and whether or not the teacher is committed .Otherwise to scout around the village to find an English teacher for Tin Tin Aye. She also supports her family.
Pa Pa Win the tallest on the right has been known for her talent to draw and sketch and make designs of clothes. This ambition is way beyond the scope of the village. She has already identified a teacher in the village of Bogalay in the Delta region of Ayerrawarry river. Fortunately she has an older brother and an older sister living there, and she could learn from the teacher while helping them out on their roadside stall selling food. 
Discussing with William, who would take charge of the matters in Chaungtha for the welfare of the girls and I with the help of my friends would like to make their dreams come true..English lessons for Tin Tin Aye; a sewing machine for Ei To Win and art and painting lessons for Pa Pa Win in Bogalay. He would inform me of the total on going cost of these, and I am sure it would be in the manageable range. Thank God he has a telephone number which can be reached from outside.
I am already looking forward to my next trip to Myanmar.. i will make every attempt to see the girls and William and also a kind doctor i have met who showed the tomb of the last Moghul emperor.. would love to do some Voluntary clinics for diabetes and also become involved in teaching the patients and the doctors in Yangon.  We will see.. as every one who is following the news from Burma, nothing is predictable...