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mercredi 8 avril 2009

Pesach in Paris

today is 14 Nissan 5769, it is also the birthday of one of our greatest philosophers, Maimonides born in Cordoba and died in Cairo. best known for his treatise: The Guide for the perplexed.
While the Burmese, Cambodians are preparing for their new years, we celebrated or remembered tonight something that happened to our people more than 3300 years ago, when we were  liberated from Slavery from Egypt. It was nice to celebrate this evening in Paris. I went to Bellville to get the ingredients, to Courbevoie to get the chicken (didnt wish to eat lamb), wine and some poireaux...
thought of many Seders.. Rhodos.. multiple ones in Melbourne.. lovely ones in Miami.. in Havana.. in London... in unexpected one in Siem Reap.. two years ago in Cochin..

I am flying in a few days time to Miami, on the flight I would request a Jewish meal and they would give me matzoh instead of Baguette.. i am off to USA for a few days, not eating their bread is not a great loss.. in Havana, happy to get any bread..

The second night will remember my ashkenazi cousins with a visit to Le Tren de la vie.. in Marais