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samedi 11 avril 2009

Neighbourhood Brasserie

In every neighbourhood there are Brasseries and some of them have long histories in Paris. Many were begun by people who came from very poor parts of France and they began as peddlers selling wood and coals and similar items and then began eating places from the region they had come from.
One such is Le Bougnat d'Asnieres in the area of Asnieres-sur-seine. The restaurant has been in the family for three generations and they cook authentic food from the provinces. I was told that the original owner came from Aveyron, a rather remote area 100 years ago! The atmosphere is what one imagines for Bistro ( a russian word I am told) to be like.. very welcoming ambience.. the food is tasty and presented in a fine fashion and there is no snobbishness or pretensions.
I had a special dish of coquille san jacques on a bed of rice on top of a saumon sauce, and the dessert was Ille flottante dans sauce anglais? which was like a creamy sweets on a very sweet sauce.. The wine list is reasonable and one can have wine in quarts which is about 2 1/2 glasses enough to satisfy ones palate during dinner..