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dimanche 19 avril 2009

From UmonHon Country to the Big Brown Land

what is that one is supposed to feel when your good friend, who made your life comfortable while visiting her country is leaving to that huge brown and red continent of yours? MiHu and I went to a wine store first, selected a Valentin Bianchi Malbec and then had a delightful dinner at Raspberry's.. mouth watering Scallops and the owner Paula sent us off with one of her creations of Chocolate Mousse.. she is a disciple of Stephane Glacier (meilleur ovrier de France Patissier 2000)...
Happiness is mingled with a littel sadness. the strong identity of an UmonHon. Eagle Feather and loyalty of relatives. When she goes away, every one in the big circle of friends and relatives mourn, because they cant see her for a little while.. Nuclear Family has very little meaning here in the Indian Country.. I will miss her but we now have at least two things in common, not to mention Argentine Malbec from Mendoza.. the Country of UmonHon and the Big Land Downunder..