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mardi 10 mars 2009

Ice Snow in the Indian Country

The village where i am now is eerily quiet, nary a vehicle or sound ..This morning, I noticed that the steps in front of the house where I am staying is slicker than usual and after warming up the car drove towards the Clinic. More like Sailing in that the car had no grip of the road and it was swaying. I was so deeply engrossed in listening to BBC world services that i was taken out of reverie only when the car spun around in front of the clinic.. I noticed that two indians in another car were keeping a respectable distance.. they told me later, perhaps spirits will protect you but you are a danger to others..
No one was at the clinic, and the clinic was shut down.. Now the problem of getting back to the house. Someone suggested that i leave the car there and get a ride with them, which i did. The photo shows the darkening skies of the morning and pictures taken of the same scenery at 6 pm, when the mellowing sun had decided to peek out.
Like the Indians say, never take Nature for granted, always listen to its pulse... you can have BBC another day..