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jeudi 12 mars 2009

American Indian Faces

When people know that I am associated with native american indains, they usually ask me a slew of questions and i realize that the idea of an american indian is a constructed image in the minds of hte people, especially those who in Asia, for whom there is a very peculiaried view of American Indians.. so I am attaching a few photos I took today of some american Indian children, I had gone to visit them at their pre Kindergarten class..

it is time to go back to Asia.. I spent the entire month of October in Asia and it was just so delightful: India, Cambodia, Malaysia and then I went off to Australia..
I miss the depth of innocence of friendships in Asia, as long as your friends are not imitating others or foreigners and they are being themselves. It is a pleasure to be with any one who is comofortable with who they are...
Called Air France . They are able to offer me a Paris to Madras ticket and I can get a connecting ticket either to Yangon via bangkok or to KL and then on to Yangon. It has to be a short visit. A short visit to Siem Reap woudl also be welcome.. ah well let us see.. Air France also was able to offer me a a ticket ten days later back to Paris...