dimanche 20 mai 2018


THE WARAO OR THE PEOPLE OF THE CANOE have lived along the River Orinoco for centuries and survived with their natural skills and abilities.
The outsiders came and took some of their lands away. Now the same outsiders have run their entire country into the country.
The current situation in Venezuela is tragic.
Pray for our brothers hermanos the Warao people..

The Warao of eastern Venezuela's Orinoco first had contact with Europeans when, soon after Christopher Columbus reached the Orinoco river delta, Alonso de Ojeda decided to navigate the river upstream. There, in the delta, Ojeda saw the distinctively stilted Warao huts, balanced over the water. Similar architecture in Sinamaica far to the west had been likened to Venice, with its famous canals below and buildings above; this new encounter propagated the name of Venezuela ("little Venice") for the whole land. From Wiki

I was lucky to have visited the Warao along the Orinoco, visiting the selfless Cuban physicians working in remote outposts such as Curiapo, a hamlet on the Orinoco with no road connection but six hours by motorboat from Tucupita, which can be reached by road in two hours from Puerto Ordaz, which is two hours by plane from Caracas, the Capital.
Curiapo along the River Orinoco. There are Cuban doctors, optometrists working in this location.

One day I was invited to join an expedition to san jose de amaucuro, the last Indian village before the River empties into the sea. You wouldn't guess you are so close to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago or the landmass of Guyana .
There were two Cuban doctors there and I was so amazed by their enthusiasm for their work. I will be here two years, I will make sure every one is vaccinated and that they have a system of public health of prevention like we have in Cuba, said the young cuban doctor!

I am devastated by the exodus from Venezuela of a large chunk of its population. When I was in Barranquilla, Colombia it was a common sight to see a family with their belonging walking along the street, having just arrived from Venezuela.