samedi 5 mai 2018


I was in the Lounge, empty at that hour of the day and wanted to try the two wines on offer. I was busy taking photos of the wine and reading their reviews that I did not become aware of the person who was serving the wine.
Joseph Verdier Vin de Table de France, was very sweet and couldnt manage to sip more than once.
The sweet lady did not mind pouring it out and serving me Grover Art Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2017.
We began a nice conversation.
I had been fascinated with the Northeastern States of India for a long time, they reminded me very much of the gentler times I had spent in Myanmar. I had made up my mind to apply for a permit to visit those parts and make definite plans, and thought it would be better if I knew someone from that region.
The lady was from Manipur and we had a delightful conversation and I took this meeting as a symbol for me to plan a visit to the Northeastern States of India.
In my travels I have always liked things which were not conventional whether it is Fort Cochin which is unique history or Baracoa which has a specific effect upon its visitors.
When people ask me have you visited India? I have to say NO, because they have in mind the well travelled routes and cities with sonorous names like Jaipur, Udaipur etc. I have to confess that I have absolutely no desire to visit 90 per cent of India but would like to go to two places which defy what it means to be an Indian
they are Laccadives a group of coral islands in the arabian sea where you may find people who speak Divehi and the North Eastern States which are predominantly sino-tibetan. They defy the common concept of what India is all about. 

May my visit to Manipur come soon! but I have to wait for the Monsoon season to be over..