lundi 10 juillet 2017


Two things stood out on my recent trip to PARIS..
Unlike the disdain the locals exhibited towards English, majority of the people I encountered were speaking English! No more, pas de anglais discrimination by black as coal Malians pretending to be French by adopting the worst of the French!
I had overcome, to a great degree, my psychological dislike of the French people and their arrogance, and was feeling warm towards them, on this trip to France. I had not been in Paris for a couple of years and the striking observation was that more and more French are speaking English, and the arrogance associated with their monolingual capacity seems to have dissipated a little. Even the policeman whom I asked for direction gave it to me in English.. viola, what is happening?
Now they are speaking English, I was speaking more than my share of French. It felt good to be trying to speak French and i was lucky.
For the past two months I have had a French Tutor, who has been helping me improve my French, without intimidating me or forcing me, in a very natural way of learning a language.
The second thing I noticed was how expensive Paris has gotten to be. Everything imaginable for a visitor had gone up. Unfortunately I arrived at the wrong time of the year in Paris and it was crowded, hotels overbooked, restaurants crowded than ever.The tourists have also changed, there were well do Indians and Asians enjoying their visit to this magic city.
i wanted to improve my proficiency and among the newer methods of language learning, they always advise to get a Language parent, who would be tolerant and patient with you, use body language to reinforce the word, much the way a parent begins to communicate with their child . I was lucky to find a Language parent like that, and I have noticed that she has helped me to improve my French, my vocabulary, my confidence in speaking French.

 and there are some principles of rapid learning, I listened to them on a Ted Talk video. The speaker who sounded Australians was not a great speaker and also not very good at communicating his ideas, but had great ideas that he had been thinking about for many years

He talks about five principles and seven actions and they sound rather logical and helpful and certainly it has helped me with my french.

Good Luck to you ..