dimanche 16 juillet 2017


I look forward to my Qatar airways flights. In May, I flew 10 long haul flights back to back with them and in the first two weeks of this month of July, I have been lucky enough to fly 4 long haul flights with them.
I realize that the most important person for you on long haul flights (of course a pilot who is vigilant) is the Flight attendant who is who is "attending" your side.
USA and Europe based airlines have been cutting down the number of Flight attendants on each flight, even if you are flying Business or First Class. 
Qatar Airways, recently selected as the Best Airline in the world, an outcome I wholeheartedly agree with, has a bevy of Flight Attendants. The number of flight attendants per flight alone does not guarantee service but generally on all the flights I have been on with Qatar Airways (with RARE exceptions, the service has been the best)
Still, you remember some FAs more than the others, for other reasons than the best service they gave you. I can reel off the names of several: Christopher from Goa, Maria from Rumania, Barbara from Poland, Kedsarin from Thailand...
But today, on my DOHA to JFK flight I was so lucky to have MIJIN from South Korea on my side: she was the perfect FA, polite but not servile or arrogant, acquiescent to your demands with grace but not with a chip on the shoulder, pro active to make sure your needs are anticipated and always there when needed but not intruding into the privacy which is fly most people fly upfront in Qatar Airways.
 She has worked with QR for a number of years and she hails from South Korea. She has been on most of their long haul flights and delights in travel. Once a month she makes sure to go home.
QR has strict policies regarding contacts between the workers in the company whether FAs or Supervisors at the various lounges having contacts with the passengers. Also my chance of encountering MIJIN on another trip is very small because of the large reach of QR to more than 150 cities around the world and the nearly 10 000 FAs in its fodder. So I wish her well in her chosen career and she made me realize what a good FA is all about and my trip went very well thanks to her.
The crew of the QR flight I came in would be resting now in NYC and tomorrow they would return home. 
Needless to say I plan to fly QR again
In August I have a chance to fly them  JFK to Doha, Doha to Casablanca, Casablanca to Kuala Lumpur via Doha and KL to Paris via Doha..