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lundi 16 janvier 2017


16 January 2017
It is that time of the year in these Plains. Leaves had already fallen into oblivion and the stark trees pait themselves against the grey canvas of the skies where it ends or begins we have no idea because of the snow, ice, sleet and slush stored in them.
When I began visiting this reservation, I used to excuse myself for the three months, January, February and March being advised that these are the harshest months as far as the weather goes. Elders began mocking me saying that I was not man enough to face the natural changes in the planet and I began coming during winter as well.
But not without trepidation. Before arriving I would pray to the Spirits, Please look after me, I am not used to this kind of weather, usually coming from Havana or Miami, where the daily temperature could be a full fifty or sixty degrees warmer F.
But this year, there has been a difference. During my December and January visits, despite the plunging temperatures I have not felt the cold, nor is my emotions feeble and nor am I afraid to go to the clinic because of the snow or the cold.
In fact during this winter I have not felt the cold at all? Being an Endocrinologist one might be prone to ask; Have something happened to your hypothalamic hot/cold switch? 
None of that.
It is something that I read which had an impact upon me. 
One day in November, a recommended TED talk given by a gentle woman as well as a blog from KL arrived in which Sadhguru was the featured philosopher.
The gentle woman said: It no longer matters to me and I do not strive to achieve, what others or the other person thinks of me, but I ask myself the question, How do I feel in the presence of that person.
I thought about it a lot. We dont have to behave in a way to impress the others just concentrate on how we feel in a particular situation, whether in the company of a person or an impending storm.
The other philosophical thought was from Sadhguru.
It seems that we are constantly fixing little and big problems or conundrums that come our way, they seem to be never ending. What if we fix ourselves  in such a way that  the large and small problem will not threaten us and our body and mind that has been fixed will automatically take care of the large and small problems.
Before arriving at the small village of the Indians, after leaving India, Cuba and Miami, all sweltering under unusual heat, I prepared my mind and my emotions. Get rid of the structural defect of Aversion, Winters come and go, it is the law of nature and as Elders said, when it gets very cold, think of the life trying to sproud underneath the weight of the snow and ice? There are clothes to wear and a new Quechua jacket had been given to me as a present and my body was protected. Take deep breaths and dont think of yourself, think of the nature around you, our deer brothers and our eagle and buffalo brothers..
I felt no cold. I was in the Clinic and for the first time in many years I caught myself not complaining about the cold weather.

This advice can be useful in particular situations where you have to confront a co worker, a dining companion or questions about your personality and behaviour. How do I feel? in these situations and not behave or talk so that the other person would be impressed. 
Prepare your mind and body so that you are not wasting minutes and hours wondering how you are going to take care of that particular problem, and tomorrow it would be another one.

It has been a good advice, glad I followed it. 
I am not cold despite it being cold, wintry, icy and rainy outside.
on Friday, I will be heading south to Miami, other climates and other social situations and once again, all these would be a memory, not an unpleasant one at that .