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lundi 16 janvier 2017


I have been travelling regularly to Cochins since 2004 and I had chronicled my travels and photographs in the website The Virtualtourist, which was acquired by Trip Advisor and now on the brink of being eliminated. I wanted to save the photos and while trying to download the pictures, I saw how much Fort Cochin especially has changed in the last ten years!
So these photos have already acquired the status of "yesteryear photos".
I will post here a sample of the large number of photos.
When I began traveling to Jew Town, Mezuzah of this type could be seen, on my last visit, I couldnt see any and in fact there were only four jewish inhabited houses in Jew Town.
In Ernakulum, near Market street and Jew Street Junction, is the Nursery and Aquarium of the last Jew of Cochin, the illustrious Babu. I met him on my first visit and have kept in touch with him regularly since then.
I have enjoyed the Ferries that ply between Fort Cochin and Ernakulum, there is something exotic and enchanting about the ferry ride and to this day, I love to ride on it. The ritual of standing in line, paying your few rupees, the rush of humanity towards the boat, the impatience of the commuters and the noise and sliding of the boat through the waters.. all peg in my love for this city by the bay 
In Kerala, it may be elsewhere in India as well, a tea shop is called a HOTEL, so this modest tea shop which has recently undergone remodelling reminds us of its namesake, the great sultan of Mysore, Tipoo.

I met Aneesh Aboo Bakar long before I stayed at Ballard's Bungalow and we have managed to keep in touch. On a monsoon day, seeing me hovering in the hotel to escape the rain, he lent me his umbrella, which I returned and then stayed at the hotel as well. He had a stint at Muscat and now lives with his family in Paravur and we exchange text messages now and then or speak on the telephone.
an unchanged scenery, this photo from 2004, of fresh catch being offered, Later on, shacks opened up where they would cook the fish for you for a price, but it was a tourist trap where exorbitant prices were being charged for the preparation of the fish

One used to be able to see Hanukkia for sale, but the popularity of the jewish items are such that they disappear very quickly. I have not seen one for sale in years.

The old Cochin Airport was a disaster, but the new one is quite comfortable and secure. In the olden days, there was nothing on offer except these packaged foods but now one has a Lounge and well prepared food available before boarding the flight. also there are good connections to Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Muscat as there are millions of Keralites working there. Connections to the rest of the world is sparse. Flights to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore , one or two a day and that is it. One can get to Colombo as well. Not well connected.