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lundi 16 janvier 2017


The mercury has not crossed the zero, outside it is an eery silence, the roads of this hamlet gleam, the ice thick as paste. No humans in sight, no vehicles, not daring this experiment of nature humans have not mastered, slithering like snakes if they are to step on this blighted blanket of ice of deception.
It is good to recollect moments of lost loves and lovers, feel warm to the friends and lovers waiting for you across the oceans, with a sense of content, of having lived, continue to live with a heart clean and pure, with a welcoming smile, more than ever in this world of increasing confusion.
I was sitting at a cafe in Quito, Ecuador waiting for someone or other when I was hit with saudade, the kind that returns to me often like a good friend.. and noted it down..
4 JUNIO 2000
It is such my friends
The end is always the same
Whatever had happened
The beauty, the magic,
Nothing matters-
What does saudade matter?
All that you could give each other
Only tore you apart--
A manha será outra dia…
What images pass through
This crystalline heart of mine
Fragrances that were forgotten
How could one not remember such knots of passion?
Where was that?
How could one not forget?

for many years I always wandered around the world with a book of verse of Pablo Neruda and ah.. the comfort it offered.. and here is one.. fit for this day of ice and snow and cold skies and silence..

Exiles! Distance
grows thicker.
We breathe air through a wound.
To live is a necessary obligation.
So, a spirit without roots is an injustice.
It rejects the beauty that is offered it.
It searches for its own unfortunate country,
and onnly there knows martyrdom or quiet.

poem Exilio by Pablo Neruda  from Isla Negra, a Notebook.

It is so nice to pass on this love for Poetry to the next generation
In the Peninsula of Quiberon in Brittany, under the sculpture of a Fish, which can be seen in the above photo, is a poem by Pablo Neruda and each time we pass by the sculpture, I would recite the poem in Spanish!