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jeudi 6 octobre 2016


The tedious itinerary of a Physician Anthropologist
Most of you will have absolutely no interest in this itinerary, I am putting this down on paper because I am so confused, when trying to juggle between USA holidays, flights over to Europe, my brother’s request to go to SE Asia and in between doing some work. But then again, work and life has been the same, I do not know where life ends and work begins, and as some philosophers might say, I have never found work to be stressful and travel is a form of transporting between these non-stressful events.
Three months in this year left, which would see me travelling to India twice, both times to Fort Cochin, the only place I know in India; once to Malaysia (even though I have been there four times already this year) and my second visit of the year to Cambodia. There would be two visits, both of them two weeks long to the American Indians, twice to La Habana and one visit each to Brussels and Brittany.
Travel is anthropology to me, the cultural diversity and the slow motion movement of people from various parts of the world onto my path. I especially enjoy flying Qatar Airways with its multitude of nationalities and the wonderful lounge at Doha; I feel like the Cuban Ambassador to Fort Cochin (May our Ambassador in New Delhi forgive me), Both KL and Siem Reap are welcome destinations. Brussels is to relax, just catching up on reading Medical and Anthropological literature, just today found a book, written by a Finnish Anthropologist:  KINSHIP, LOVE AND LIFE CYCLE IN CONTEMPORARY HAVANA, CUBA, which will make a good reading on the long flight from Colombo to Boston via Doha. Visiting Cambodia is a lesson in Medical Anthropology even though the Angor archeological site is a distraction (having visited it at least five times) and look forward to a simple way of living. KL has a special place in my heart, have made good friends there and always grateful that I was introduced to the Yogic Philosophy of Patanjali in KL. Habana is the moveable feast and this year I would like to welcome the New Year walking along the Malecon as the clock chimes midnight. American Indians, especially the tribes that I visit have become like a family to me. While they live in an isolated part of the USA, and getting there takes effort and time, once I am there, I am completely immersed in their culture and enjoy the warmth of family life. So this is a short summary of my world for the next three months.
I can spend hours planning my trips as it involves various favourite airlines and the incredible length I would go to fly them. A normal flight from Miami to Brussels which I did less than one week ago, would involve flying to Boston on American Airlines, then on Qatar Airways to Doha, back track with them to Casablanca and take an Iberia flight to Madrid, then on to Brussels. Only a Frequent Flier junkie would understand the logic behind it, if you are one I don’t have to explain it to you.
This was an unusually fecund year for Frequent Flying Benefits, as I held Gold status on Copa in Panama, United in USA and Etihad in Abu Dhabi and Executive Platinum status with American in USA and Diamond Status with Avianca in Bogota. Next year, I plan to reduce it to just three: EXECPLAT with American Airlines, Gold with Qatar and Gold with Copa Airlines. Patterns of flying might change as well: Brussels/Brittany/London would remain, as would Miami, Havana and the Indians. I have a feeling that I might travel more to my Australasian stomping grounds, beginning with a trip to Melbourne and Auckland and perhaps Cairns, and Suva in Fiji. In South America I would be happy to go to Buenos Aires in Argentina as well as Leticia in Colombian Amazon.
So here is an uninteresting or boring for most, itinerary of an enterprising Physician Anthropologist
I have just arrived from Habana, Cuba via Miami, flying Havana to Panama City to Miami to Boston to Doha to Casablanca to Madrid to Brussels.
8             October               Brussels to Istanbul to Male on Turkish, then on Spice Jet to Cochin
14          October               Cochin to Colombo
15          October               Colombo to Doha to Boston to Chicago to Omaha
16          October               To the American Indians
28          October               Omaha to Chicago to Boston to Doha to Colombo to Singapore, arriving on 30
30                                     Johor Bahru, Malaysia
31                                     Malacca, Malaysia
1             November         KL
4             November         Siem Reap, Cambodia
8                                       KL
9                                       Fort Cochin, Kerala
13          November          Salalah, Oman
15                                     Salalah to Muscat, Oman
16                                     Muscat to London to Brussels
19          November          Brussels to Casablanca
20          November          Casablanca to Doha
21          November          Doha to Boston to Miami
23                                     Miami to Panama to Havana
28          November          Havana to Panama to Miami
29          November          Miami to Chicago to Omaha to the Indians
15          December           Omaha to Charlotte to Miami
18          December           Miami to Boston to Doha to Casablanca to Lisbon arriving 20
21          December           Lisbon to Nantes, France, train to Auray in Brittany
26          December           Auray to Nantes, France to Casablanca, Morocco
27          December           Casablanca to Doha to Boston to Miami arriving 29
30          December           Miami to Havana, Cuba
Home Sweet Home..