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dimanche 16 octobre 2016


long before the new Hamad International Airport at Doha, Qatar opened, I was on my first flight aboard Qatar Airways QR. I remember it very clearly. I was flying from Houston to Doha to Jakarta. I enjoyed that cozy lounge, visiting the various restaurants and cafe. Where are the Bangladeshis who guarded fiercely their fiefdom of the showers and bathrooms in that cozy lounge?
I sat down for a bite, my fellow passenger from IAH,a Parsi from Houston and a native of Bombay, would soon depart for her destination. I was attended by none other than Aksam AbuTahir from Sri Lanka. As QR entered my life, so did Aksam. Invariably, as if it had been planned, I would regularly run into Aksam at the new luxurious Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge at Doha, considered the best Business Class Lounge in the world. Always polite, always attentive, always thinking of your comfort, ready even before you had a chance to ask, Aksam was always there, I began to feel as if he was a member of my family.
I missed him two weeks ago when I transited through Doha on my way to Casablanca. I dropped him a note to say I would be transiting this day on my way from Colombo to Boston. I wanted to have a shower and when I came out , very refreshed, attended by Bangladeshis polite to a fault, Askam was waiting for me. We walked to the cafeteria and he personally took my orders for a snack and coffee. He also introduced me to two of his Sinhalese colleagues, both of whom I recognized from my previous visits, Chamila and Jayantha.
He then disappears and as I was finishing my offee, he comes in with Jayantha and Chamila, along with Anuka, from Nepal, who was carrying a nicely crafted dessert cake with the words:
Thanks for choosing Qatar Airways
Aksam, Chamila, Anuka and Jayantha from Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge of Qatar Aiways at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

That was a nice touch, like a token of respect from a younger brother to me. I enjoyed it very much.
We walked out of the lounge together and he had arranged a transport for me to take to C12 from where the flight to Boston was to depart. A Tunisian drove me there, through this busy airport, with fashionable label shops on both sides, otherwise it would have been a long walk from Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge.
Quickly through the security and I was one of the first to board, where Mohammed from Beirut, Lebanon, the purser showed me to my seat, 4 A
Very seldom have I met professionals who are so well suited to their chosen career as Aksam. I wish him well at Qatar Airways and in all his future endeavours.

ඉස්තුති (istuti)
බොහොම ස්තුතියි (bohoma stutiyi)
after a long journey I reached the tribal village of Omaha in a very isolated part of the USA.. 
I sent off a letter of thanks to the QR Customer Care Services. 
Very quickly I received a reply:

Dear Dr. Shaheb,

We are very pleased to receive your comments about the excellent service you received from our ground staff allocated at the Al Mourjan lounge in Hamad International Airport.
Our staff will be most delighted to hear about this when we convey to them your message.  Your satisfaction is certainly worth all our best efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us and we look forward to welcoming you again on our flights in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Cheng
Customer Care Officer

Aksam had offered to organize a trip to his native island, Sri Lanka and this time he had reiterated that he is willing to help me with an itinerary

Any one wish to explore Sri Lanka with me?