samedi 10 octobre 2015

Happiness and Health

Recently while in the Amazon River region, I was asked: what do you do keep yourself healthy?

There are Medical and Anthropological answer to this question and surprisingly enough, they do not coincide!
The Doctor would say:
Do not become Overweight, defined as 23 kg/M2 in people of Asian Ancestry (weight in Kg divided by Height in Metres squared)
Do not smoke
Eat Healthily (Most Health Care providers are notoriously ignorant of Nutrition)
Exercise regularly.
Some even may murmur about Positive Attitude towards Life.
An Anthropologist would say:
Be Grateful for the things you have
Practice Mindfulness. Enjoy the present moment fully, do not long for the past or worry about the future
Be a humble person
Health and Happiness cannot be separated. That may be the reason why happy people tend to do well when they are ill and recover quicker than less than happy people
Remember what the great American Philosopher once said:
Look at all these people, trying to stave off the inevitable decay of their bodies.  (Woody Allen in Hannah and her sisters)
Why don’t the joggers ever smile?
I said Good Morning to every single Health Conscious Chinese/Indian/Malay joggers along the path in Malacca, Malaysia and not a single one returned the smile or the greeting! As my good friend Joe would say: A smile is a must, even if you are exercising to stave off that inevitable decay?
I have never exercised in a Gym but have walked plenty along the Amazon River, for me the latter leads to Happiness and Health!