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mardi 20 octobre 2015


History repeats itself
From Trudeau to Trudeau
One calculates time with changes in environment that influences ones thinking and changes its direction.
40 years ago Pierre Trudeau led the Liberal Party to victory in Canada
43 years later his son Justin Pierre Trudeau has done the same, to an astounding victory.

People talk about another time soon after the war, when the world had Nehru, Adenauer, Nasser, Kenyatta, Nkrumah; those bright stars took their grave their ideologies and inspiration. And of course not to forget that Giant of a Leader, Lee Kuan Yew...
Now we are left wanting for someone of that stature to come back, to enlighten people or satisfy the hunger for truth among the enlightened people. Look what is happening in Malaysia; while its neighbor has reached the Developed country status, the PM Najib is mired in corruption charges... of close to a billion dollars… welcome to the club of Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Obiang of Guinea Ecuatorial! Look at the Republican contenders for the President of USA! Where do these people live? Another planet?
We definitely need more Merkels and less Sarkozys. Hope Justin Trudeau brings honour to Canada and cleans its reputation from years of Conservative rule. There is no more Nelson Mandela, but we do have Zuma!
Everyone loved Mujica of Uruguay, Lula of Brazil... While there were many detractors Chavez was immensely popular and Fidel remains unique for his special contributions to humanity in face of such opposition from outside his country.
Perhaps the lack of dynamic and humanistic leaders that we flock to a humanist figure like the Pope Francisco, who has projected gentleness to the world.

Perhaps Justin Pierre Trudeau would follow those footsteps and march to the drummer to bring prosperity not only to Canada but also to the rest of the world he encounters.  Good Luck