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jeudi 1 octobre 2015


The amazon conjures up various images in the mind of the European or their descendants in USA. It is painting of a savage on to a landscape that is impenetrable and a group of people who live a very innocent way of life.
Arent they cannibals there, someone had enquired. In trying to explain the situation, one had to mention that the boatman’s name is Hannibal, which emphasizes their belief in the savagery of the Amazonians by thinking about Hannibal Lector.

I was quite impressed with Anibal, the boatman who lives in Leticia and makes a living plying his boat on the river, taking tourists to various destinations along the Amazonian river. He seems to know Amazon well and also all the surrounding villages and the forest. He could spot a baby sloth from at least a mile away, the Iguana had to be pointed out to us, whereas Hannibal see it plainly as it were something normal for him. It is something normal for an Indian living here, for him, the eye sight so acute is an important asset to hunt the animals.

I had to go another Ticuna community, which shuns visitors so the public transport does not stop there. I sought out Anibal once again, and we planned a trip to the Ticuna community and afterwards to the Yavary River passing by the towns of Islandia and Benjamin Constant and going past to an area of pristine sand beaches as such beaches are not found along the Amazon.

Unobtrusive, and stopping the boat when something interesting happening in the river such as a pod of River Dolphins or along the land, he would just carry on in silence.

His full name is Anibal Aspajo-Montes
His cellular phone in Leticia is 3132318678
If you want to go off the beaten track along the Amazon River, you can rely on Anibal