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samedi 4 avril 2015


Just a few days ago I was in Fort Cochin, was wondering where I would spend the first night of Pesach! No invitation was forthcoming from Portland, Oregon so I sent this message to my friends M and G in Miami:

Have seen Prophet Elijah walking around the streets of Cochin, dressed as a traveller, looking for a Seder to attend. An immediate reply and invitation followed, and I informed them that Prophet Elijah would wish a change from the weak, tasteless wines of India...a nice bottle of two of good red wines would be appreciated, to comply with the ritual of having to drink four glasses of wine the first night of Pesach,
I have spent a wonderful night at the Seder at my friends house, the food was both traditional and modern, a combination and as promised the wines were excellent.
More than the usual conversations, those present participated in discussions about the meaning of this remembrance of slavery in Egypt 3400 years ago but at the same time, remembering those who are suffering under oppression in countries like Iran or those suffering from war and brutality in Syria and Iraq. Reading the words carefully, the seder is about OTHERS, and how we can improve the lives of others and of course, as I pointed out to a friend of mine, Jews tend to put their desire to help others, by excelling in Medical and Natural sciences or in the media industry as well as getting involved in humanitarian activities.
I thanked the hosts who are very close friends of mine, and thanked for the presence in my life of friends, lovers and relatives in La Habana, Cuba; Portland, Oregon, Bruxelles; Haifa, Israel and my newly found friends in Fort Cochin.

this is the cup for Prophet Eliijah

Both the Benziger Sonoma Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon and Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz 2009 would have pleased the palate of the prophet
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