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samedi 18 avril 2015


At a personal level;
Friendships so deep that it is like a tattoo in your heart.
Intellectual: discourses with a human face.

society at the street level
Burritos de Frijol  (the ground up beans tastes very good0
 Quesadilla de Pollo 
 A Latin American Salad 
Chicken Tacos 

Cakes and Cafes

Walking around the City
University of Havana
Museum of the Revolution
The home of the National Ballet of Cuba 
the cathedral and someone is actually getting married!

Moorish architecture 

View of Havana from near and far and one can see the fort in the distance with Malecon hugging the sea 

This is the land of the unexpected
it would be hard put to find a society more affectionate than Cuba
It is a genuine society where quotidian interactions are steeped in affections sweeter than the natural honey found here

i saw this couple kissing each other as they walked along the Rampa. I shouted, one more please, and they obliged and I took the photograph.
where in the world would you find a barber with a scissors who recites poetry and talks about spirituality and love/
Only in Havana
Such polite waitresses, most of them have tertiary education and they are genuinely friendly

Over 100 000 Americans have visited since February and hotels are booked to the brim for months. It is so easy to travel to Cuba now and Americans do not have to produce any documents saying they are visiting for Cultural purposes. just book the flight and come..but please make sure you have somewhere to stay before you arrive..
whatever the right leaning conservative or fascist politicians in the USA think, the barrier between Cuba and USA is broken for ever, even though Miami Cubans may be the last to realize that.

Political Body
the force which was the supreme one for fifty years in Cuba that controlled the lives of the people
There is a lessening of vigilance and control
Police are protecting this safe country, not threatening the safety of the individual. It is incredible how fast this change has come, it is one of the more notable changes since Dec 17,2014
A colleague from the University 
A postgraduate trainee in Medicine from a sister country in Latin America 
 This privately run cafe(like most of the newer ones) were started by two 23 year old women.

Fresa or Chocolate?

The people who serve you coffee and cakes here, one of them trained as a journalist and the other pictured above might go to Australia to join her Cuban boyfriend..

where in the world you can sip cafe and taste cakes and biscuits in elegant atmosphere? in a city where,
the custodian of the Endocrine Institute wants to discuss the literary aspects of being an Austrailan Aborigine? when i told him of my Aussie Connection. What do you think of that book by Tracy Morgan he asked much to my amazement. The Security agent(like the TSA in the USA) wanted to discuss Krishnamurthy (can you imagine that happening at Miami airport?)
and most importantly, I dont think you could do this anywhere else but in Havana, Cuba
I was about to leave the country. I was in line at the Immigration. An extremely pleasant and sweet faced lady was behind the counter.
She says very pleasantly, how are you? I say jokingly, Now that I see you, I dont want to leave the country, she laughs.
Is this what the media in Miami talk about the oppression of the people? Dictatorship and vigilance?
She stamps my passport and smiles.
Nowhere in any immigration lines, Paris, Brussels, Miami or Cochin have I seen such a sweet smile.
Only in Cuba!