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mercredi 25 mars 2015


Perhaps I have been living in the west too long or that I have been away too long from countries of my lovers and friends, I am overcome by the sweetness of the Malayalee people that I meet (a Malayalee may be a Christian, a Moslem, a Hindou or a Jew, who has ancestral connections to this land called Kerala)
Just today I met Mr B and Ms D, who came to design a visiting card for me, with traditional motif. After our long conversation in which I got to know them, I could only admire them, for their sweetness, their dreams written all over their faces. I enjoyed having Lunch with them.
they are part of the DARK PROJECTS, a design team,
I hope to run into them, somewhere or other and  may my good friend MC in KL run into them in KL, inshallah!