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samedi 21 mars 2015


Gratitude in Fort Cochin
I am reminded of the line from the French writer, Marcel Ayme:
I, said the man, am a Jew
As I walked up to the offices at the Santa Cruz basilica, built initially in 1505, a very kind young Priest wished me good morning.
I, said the man, am a Jew

My sister and her husband, who look after me well and have my welfare in their heart, live in Miami. My sister, for clarification I said, is a devout catholic, so is her husband, has been blessed with the power of prayers, escaping the tortures of chemotherapy more than once and now free of her cancers.
She is blessed, exclaimed the priest. I continued, in the style of a professor I am, I have seen the power of prayers in the case of my sister. I would like to express thanks for her cure,
You may do one of many things, continued the baby faced priest.
You can do things in your own tradition. But if you wish to do something in Catholic tradition, as we are going through Lent, there are many possibilities: giving alms for the poor, sacrifice foods and feed the poor or if you wish we can say a Mass.

Soon after she was free of cancer, at that time I was living in Paris, and Ima Lea, organized mass to be said for her at Montmartre in Paris and it was my pleasure to go there with my sister and her husband as well as her daughter and her family on another occasion.
I would like a Mass to be said expressing gratitude of all of us for the life of my sister as well as the kindness of her husband.
He takes out a ledger and writes down
7 am 23 March 2015  Mass of Thanks for Jacqueline and Joseph Simmons, Miami
If you wish, you can be present.
So, this Jewish professor brother of hers, who spent all of yesterday with some dedicated people on preserving the Jewish heritage of Cochin and this region, will be present at the Mass at 7 AM!

I will think especially of my teachers among the North American Indians, who taught me, Gratitude is a concept to bring you back into harmony. My good friend MC who introduced me to Yoga, talked about Gratitude list, so does Dalai Lama from the Buddhist philosophical canyons.

Cochin is an appropriate place to be, on the morning of the Mass, where unlike elsewhere in the world, Moslems and Christians and Hindus live in complete harmony.
I, said the man, am a Jew
I, said Yehuda, am Grateful

PS 7 am on Monday Morning here in Cochin would be still Sunday evening in Miami and Cayman Islands