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mardi 23 septembre 2014


This New Year, as I dip the apple slices into the honey, I would remember fondly the various conversations around the Jewish New Year around the world.
Sarah Cohen from Jew Town in Cochin gave me a little honey (pure honey, she said) to take home to celebrate and welcome the Jewish New Year. Wish her and others in Cochin a Happy New Year!
(Sarah Cohen reciting morning prayers. Cochin, India)
Adela Dworin and her congregation in La Habana, hope the emerging liberal attitudes help people express their Jewishness without fear. In Cuba, while the government has a strong pro-Arab policy, an average Cuban is Pro-Israeli (a small state standing up against multitudes of Arabs, reminding them of their own struggle with USA). There is no indigenous Muslim population in Cuba and the majority of Muslims are students from various countries as well as members of Diplomatic corps.
(a cuban jewish jazz shabbat!)
It is not in these isolated communities one feels the fear these days, but in larger Jewish communities such as in France and Belgium. And the prospect of returning fighters from Syria and Iraq is gloomy one indeed.
But there are many other things to be grateful for. Benyamin Netanyahu announced recently that the Jewish population of Israel has reached 6 million, a number very significant to us, because of the number lost during the Nazi Holocaust.
October is also the month of Nobel Prize announcement, something many of us look forward to. In recent years, Israel had garnered 8 Nobel Prizes in SCIENCES, no small achievement for such a small but determined country.

Each of us carries with us, the pleasure of being a Jew, but I couldn't stop chuckling when my UmonHon Indian sister wrote:
I guess I always think of you as being UmonHon and not Jewish!
By the way, American Indians bear no grudge against the Jews since historically we are not associated in their memory with destruction of their culture! They also respect the fact that we don't wish to impose our culture upon outsiders.
During this wonderful time of the year, leading up to the Day of Atonement (I am looking forward to spending that with good friends in Miami), it is nice to think of the wide net of affections spanning this world:

Australia, Cuba, USA, Mexico, Iran, Indonesia. And of course Israel.