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lundi 1 septembre 2014


No, I don't mean to go back in time, by energizing Internet by Candlelight. During the heyday of alternative lifestyle, they used to talk about Steam Guitar rather than Electric, and other forms of alternative energy resources, of which the Wind sourced electricity has become a reality.
You are familiar with Dinner with Candlelight. A nice restaurant, ambience subdued with decorations conducive to conversations with delightful service and a highly palatable food.

But what is Internet by Candlelight?
I had just come back from the nearest city, 50 km away, after having had a reasonable Thai dinner, to the house in the village of American Indians. Soon after I arrived a sudden thunderstorm passed over the village. I was about to brew a cup of coffee for myself, when suddenly the lights went out. It was about an hour and half ago. There was still a flicker of light from the western horizon but it was in the haze of the downpour.

I am waiting for the electricity to come back. In Cuba, we are used to “apagones” sometimes on a regular basis, and in fact some village officials in Baracoa, informed people which part of the village would be without electricity that particular night, so that those intending to celebrate could switch over to other venues.
Here in this isolation, it is not the first time the blackout has happened. I remember a bitterly cold February night when the electricity went out, but when it came back the heater would not function, so the house had plunged to the depths of cold. I wrapped myself in blankets, chatted with friends on line and stayed awake all night.

So this is a good time to write notes, reflections, and emails. There are no telephone connections so talking to people is also out of question.
If we are upset about these things, remember, the native people of this continent (I would imagine the areas where native Australians live also) suffer such depravations on a regular basis.
For them it is just wait
Like they wait for many things to happen
And have to be satisfied with what comes their way.
For their sake, hope the electricity comes back soon, so that they can have their dinner.

I will use this solitude to think of nice thoughts.