vendredi 18 juillet 2014


IT is so very important to me to say my Shabbat prayers here in this Moslem Country where they chant anti Israeli songs each day and the politicians call Israel an arrogant and superior country.
The Malays here are a converted people, having converted to Islam only in the 15th century by Gujerati moslem traders who were in the court of the Hindu Prince who had fled the Hindu Kingdom in Sumatra. The enthusiasm of the converted, you may read VS Naipaul's book, Among the Believers, are staged and exaggerated and Malaysia is no exception, trying to legitimize their role as Moslems by finding a blood connection to the Arabs!
So, on this day, on this shabbat, as the sun was setting over Kuala Lumpur, I was at the 34th floor of this hotel, saying the ancient Hebrew prayers
welcoming this night
giving thanks for the fruit of the earth 
for grapes and vines..

and tonight for the families of the people lost on the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 which was shot down one day ago..

I pray for my family and friends in France, USA and Israel!
I pray for the conflict with the Palestinians to end and them to have their own state and recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. I pray for the anti israel mindset of many of the intellectuals in the west and let them see that it is we who are their friends and not the  radical Arabs, who would think not twice before bombing their trains, killing their children or burning their churches.
shabbat shalom from Malaysia