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dimanche 27 juillet 2014


Those of us who are English speakers may take comfort in the fact that there is hardly any place on earth that we will not be understood! The formation of European Union has hastened the supremacy of English in Europe, since most europeans do not wish to speak German or French, unless you are native of course, and in most countries 50 % of the population is able to hold a conversation in English!
Not being able to converse in English is a tremendous drawback in Europe at this moment when you go for a job interview, especially across the free borders!
It is impressive how many scandinavians can speak English and I must add, they do speak English better and clearly (than say people from Singapore or Malaysia). Spain and Portugal and France lag behind (thank God I can make myself understood in these countries). Impressive is also that 52% of the Belgians can hold a conversation in English.
Psychologically it must be sad for native French speakers, the language which dominated the upper crest of the societies before the First World I. Even in former French colonies such as Cambodia and Vietnam hardly anyone speaks French over and above the customary BonJour!

English is a good language to speak properly!
In Spain only 22 per cent can hold a conversation in English, not much different than some of the cities in Texas bordering Mexico!