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mercredi 23 juillet 2014



I am sure there are thousands of politicians and businessmen in Indoneisa, shivering in their boots at this welcome news of a simple son of a wood seller becoming President of one of the more populous nations on earth. 
The gang of corrupted, including their presidential candidate, accused of human rights abuses and who amassed a huge fortune during the time of the reign of his father in law, Suharto, must be packing their cash into bags and making sure that they have somewhere to hide with their ill gotten gains. Good riddance!
Indonesia unlike their undemocratic neighbors, Singapore where the democracy is a farce, just there are elections and Malaysia, the only racist state in the world by legal adoption at this moment (after the death of Apartheid in South Africa) have a lesson to learn. It is possible to prosper and also pay attention to democratic principles, not pay lip service to 1Malaysia while oppressing the Indians and the Chinese and of course crushing any dissent or difference in opinion in Singapore. Of course, Thailand and Cambodia have a very long ways to go in terms of human rights and freedom of its citizens. Laos and Vietnam under firm grip of the governing Communist parties have no one to be accountable to, so they go on their merry ways. 

Surrounded as they are by such political entities, this election in Indonesia and the election of a People's Politician is very significant. Indonesia is doing well economically with a sturdy growth and with a little better equitable distribution of its wealth, it is bound to rise even higher. It is also important to note that the Islamist parties sided with the Corruption and Human Rights Abuse and the new president is respectful of the rights of all religions and all cultures to coexist. Indonesia unlike Malaysia does not discriminate against non moslems even though the majority population is Moslem and also the Moslems in Indonesia are not coddled into becoming fanatics as is the case in Malaysia.
So a new day for ASIA
Welcome President Jokowi.