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mardi 7 août 2012

Happy Birthday, FIDEL from the shores of the Mekong

Long Live Fidel, Shout my Malaysian and Indonesian Friends

The night had just fallen and we could look at the Mekong River from where we were sitting. Our little group of Malaysians and Indonesians were busily engaged in chatter. It is worthwhile to spend time to cultivate friendships and on this trip I cemented my friendships with my Indonesian friends from Bogor and also met two lovely Chinese gentlemen, both from KL, both businessmen, we hit it off well from the beginning as I have a recent shared history with Malaysia.
I had ordered a Mojito, a drink popularized by Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, even though the drink was present as long as sugar cane has been cultivated in Cuba, long before Hemingway’s sojourn in Cuba.
I told the bartender that I would like it as it is prepared in Cuba, and he obliged and I tasted it remembering the lazy evenings with friends in Baracoa when my neighbour Miguelin used to prepare the best Mojito.
My friends also wanted to try and a round was ordered. When it arrived, the Malaysian businessman, who had studied at University of Malaya in the 1970s and had read and admired Che Guevara, announced, let us drink this praying for the good health of Fidel!
I was more than gratified to echo their sentiments, so El Jefe Comandante, you were being remembered on the shores of the Mighty Mekong River on this evening in August. Feliz Cumpleanos, August 13th!