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lundi 27 août 2012



Most foreigners especially in the West has access only to news and information about Cuba which stresses on the material and economic aspects of our beloved Island. 
In my travels I have found that Asians are much warmer to the Cubans and Cuban culture and also know about the humanitarian aid which Cuba provides and also a little bit more than Salsa about Cuban Culture.
While we dont expect tourists and visitors and even the descendants of some of those who left after the triumph of the Cuban revolution to know much about the Deep Culture of the current day cuba.. I have to tell you one thing, Cuba comes with you wherever you go..
What are the aspects of the Current Cuban Culture that I admire most?
Apart from the fact that Cuba sends humanitarian aid to 79 developing countries, 
apart from the fact that Cuba educates 18500 students who would not otherwise become doctors in their own countries because of marginalization, racism or poverty

I admire the SOLIDARITY
that we feel for one another, that we share this culture even though cubans are fiercely individualistic
A pride in what Cuba has accomplished over the decades and a patience for things not accomplished or imported ideas from other spheres. 
Desire to succeed, whether inside the country or outside while not being an absolute selfish person.
Interest in places that we visit or travel to and an undying curiosity about arts, literature and poetry.

I can honestly say that you are lucky if you can count ONE CUBAN as a good friend of yours.. because friendship has an extremely sacred and sincere meaning for us.. As an artist once said to me, while we were walking along Calle Obispo in Habana Viejo.. Brother.. you are more than a brother to me.. You are like a tatoo in my heart..
So you can imagine my joy and contentment when I had the chance to Meet PFH, a cuban resident of France,with whom I have been in contact for many years and finally yesterday had a chance to meet him. It was appropriate that we were at the Bay of St Goustain, in Morbihan in Brittany in France, where on the 4th December 1776, Benjamin Franklin came to seek French assistance for the new republic. The Franco-American friendship is very deep, as US General Pershing reputed to have declared.. as he arrived during WWI to show the solidarity... Lafayette.. We are here..

It was a warm day, the last day of the august holidays for many in France. The harbour was full of visitors and we sat at a creperie facing the harbour and for two hours talked non stop, first a little bit about France and its peculiarities for foreigners and then with the greatest of enthusiasm for the little island which is close to our hearts  CUBA...

Hermano Amigo, It was truly a great pleasure to meet you in person at last and let us join in wishing our beloved island the best for now and forever...