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vendredi 18 mai 2012


Next week, I hope to be present at the International Centre for Neurological Restoration in La Habana, Cuba when three American Indian patients suffering from various degrees of Neurological damage will be admitted for assessment and treatment. I have great confidence in CIREN as we know the institution and also the mexican doctor who also will be there, along with a relative of the patients.
Imagine my happiness when I read in todays news about an interview with Michael Fox, himself suffering from a Neuro degenerative Disease, Parkinson's, who wanted to look beyond the Stem Cell Therapy as the sole answer for his problem. His Fox Foundation is truly helping those suffering from Parkinson's Disease.
Some thing he said during the interview caught my attention.

 Fox said that each morning he is uncertain exactly how his symptoms will affect him that day. Some mornings he can delay taking his first dose of medicine for a few hours, other days he expects a greater challenge.
 "I don’t write off the day ahead of time because of that, it just means it’s going to be tougher sledding,” he said.Having struggled with the disease for years himself, Fox understands its devastating effects and the physical challenges it presents.
He said it was an abiding sense of optimism, a topic on which he has written two books, that allows him to carry on, even on the most difficult days. In 2009, he travelled to the Asian country Bhutan, which emphasizes happiness over productivity, and said he found his symptoms diminished there.

It is a remainder for those, doctors and otherwise, who believe that only pharmaceutical management is possible for chronic illnesses. The Patient felt better in a country which stresses Happiness among its people, rather than happiness of the individual.

I wish Mr Fox all the best and his optimism is indeed uplifting...