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samedi 19 mai 2012


He runs a company, which employs 150 people. He has to travel a lot to USA, Europe, SE Asia, which keeps him away from his beloved Bogor and family, but it is for his business.
He is very interested in his own health and tries to lead a Healthy Lifestyle.
: Jogging on a regular basis
: Eating only healthy foods and natural foods
: Possesses a philosophical attitude towards life, which to me resembles universality, and in the Asian context it is much like the MITTA of the Burmese Buddhism.
His humble nature was the reason for my visit, an excellent one, to Indonesia. But his concern for others is remarkably unique and resembles the philosophy of the American Indians:
-      Be grateful for what you have and don't be unhappy about things you don't have
-      Personal sacrifice for the welfare of others
During my two days stay with him, many of his employees spent their time listening to me, so did he. He reinforced some of the philosophical points I was discussing, in context of land and culture.
“I am much more interested in their interactions, rather than their productivity. If I set the goals, then they would be striving to meet it, they will be under duress, I know that stress causes heart attacks and strokes, so it is better they are healthy and do the best they can”
How often do you find a boss like that? In Europe? In the USA? In Asia? Rare indeed!

I talked to the staff about prevention of diseases and most importantly about Nutrition. Western style Fast Food is slowly making inroads into the Indonesian Panorama, such guilty ones as KFC, MCDO, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts, Domino’s Pizza… they are partially responsible for the ill health of the Americans, but why bother Indonesians? I always wondered why the Yanks export the worst of their characteristics and not their wonderful characteristics of Generosity and Hospitality to the world?
The day I was in Bogor, 13 of the staff had done a 10 K run, meeting at 0630 hours… and the fact many of those were listening to me during the day. Obviously the Boss lives by his word; takes care of their minds and their bodies.
He gives them Freedom from Outside and they provide their own discipline.
Something I hope the bosses in Malaysia and Singapore take into consideration…. to reduce the stress of their workers.
I was able to check 8 of his staff and all of them would pass any strict Physical Examination by a Doctor! On my next visit, I would like to do a more thorough Physical Examination and also find a way to check their
HbA1c, for diabetes and pre diabetes
CRP for underlying inflammation and heart health
On many of his employees, not just those who spent the day with me.
I was surprised to learn that many of the employees were also ardent cyclists, a sport which is catching on in Indonesia, especially considering the hilly terrain. Mr W the Latin looking young man who picked me up at the Airport said he cycled around 28 km per day.
A good Leader, leads by example, he is at the front of the battle and not sitting in his office, giving orders, so I checked him
BP 105/65  Heart Rate 64/min
So we decided that this would be the Gold Standard for the employees of AsiaProtein, they can be content if they would maintain their BP both systolic and diastolic) and HR within 10 points of their BOSS!
For Knowledge to be Knowledge, it has to be communicated. Our plan is to select 10 volunteer staff who over the course of time (and possibly one week session conducted by me in the future) will increase their own knowledge of the body, society and culture.
As they become knowledgeable, they will be looking after and educating the other 140 employees and their families. We hope that in the course of one year, we will have a Healthy family of workers at Bogor.
This kind of Health Education (especially the philosophy of the Boss) is rare in any country in the world and I am so glad it is happening in Bogor, Indonesia. May it impress other managerial staff to adopt such measures?
BHUTAN, a Himalayan Kingdom, long ago gave up measuring Gross Domestic Product as an Indicator of Wealth; instead they measure Gross Domestic Happiness… Many other countries including UK are following suit: realizing that Happiness of the workers is important
I think my friend Mr J whom I met while I was visiting North American Indians in Nebraska, on a flight from Omaha to Los Angeles, nine weeks ago, has already incorporated Gross Domestic Happiness into running of his company.
I am so glad to be part of it all
Teremah Kaseh..