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lundi 7 mai 2012


As I entered the offices of my friend in Sentul City in Indonesia, I was happy to see a Nespresso machine nestled among the medals and trophies..
I chose an Indriya from his collection and looked at the tropical greenery as I sipped Nespresso, a taste which has grown upon me in the seven years since 1996 when I was introduced to it..
where else?
At the home of Miss RS in Omaha Nebraska.. a new greeen coloured Nespresso arrived the day I visited her and her mother.. Viola.. so good to drink a good cup of coffee .. in desolate climes..
And in the UmonHon Indian Reservation in Nebraska, where there are no cafes or restos, in the blue house pictured, if you make it here, there is always a Nespresso waiting for you..
A Votre Sante!