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samedi 31 mars 2012

Malacca to Phnom Penh: A Wandering Jewish Endocrinologist

The Wandering Jewish Endocrinologist, in anthropological parlance, The Other who has a Name.. in just a couple of days, so much happens, so much does happen in the course of the day..
The incredible hospitality of the Chinese Lady of Malacca and her gentle husband each with genealogy stretching for pages and who are so proud of their ancient Chinese connections.. regaling stories from the History of China and Asia..But her hospitality was so genuine...
Then on to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where another hero of our times, Maurits, is performing daily miracles. it is a pleasure to be with a person, who is intellectual, erudite and at the same time, more for others than for himself.. A selfish person has no story.. The Maurits Cambodian Model of educating Peer Educators is so successful and impressive..
You see me with Ren, the chief Peer Educator whose knowledge of Diabetes is on par with many of the Nurse Educators in the USA even though he was studying to be a tour Guide when Diabetes was diagnosed seven years ago in this young man..He is nothing short of superb in his knowledge, organization and communication. Maurits delegates authority well and at the same time demands the best of his co workers. Two sessions I attended were both inspiring.. 

Nga is an old friend from Vietnam and it was nice to see her to say Hello, she was on her way to Siem Reap with her family.. I became instant friends with her Niece..
In between all these there was a Secret Gift.. I shall share the bounties of that isolated country when Maurits brings a bottle of wine and we shall dine on Khmer-French cuisine..

It is nice to be part of this world in which so many humble and educated people are sacrificing themselves for the welfare of the downtrodden, oppressed and marginalized..

Food was not neglected during these exciting days, Malaysia as usual was excellent for food and Phnom Penh has not been disappointing either..