dimanche 25 mars 2012


This morning the sun has risen and a bright morning is in store..
Just exactly one week ago, around this time, in Toulouse, a father took his two children to school..
the following was written that morning ..

on that morning, whatever their intentions were, an email from Spain, alerted me about the news. Rabbi Sandler ( a french jew, murdered along with his two children, in front of the very same school which he had attended as a child).
I felt suddenly so alone! It was so difficult to get through the day in which I had to counsel my patients about their every day problems..
My two brothers wrote to share the grief. Most compassionate, counseling messages came from a country where there is hardly any computers .. Cuba!
Each of my friends wrote.. I felt so close to them..
There was a total silence from elsewhere..
A thought occurred to me, I need to go home..
But where was HOME? It certainly is not France. Not Malaysia, Not Miami. I exist in the hearts of my friends, my brothers in Portland..also among some in Miami. But most importantly my HOME is where I have compassionate friends, who comfroted me through this grief.. Cuba..
Au Revoir, France; Good Bye, Malaysia, I am going HOME, mi isla Rica, mi CUBA...

Traditional days of mourning is over and I shall concentrate more than ever in the humanitarian side of my work, in memory of Rabbi Sandler, a Jew..he was born and educated in a country where he was murdered also for being a Jew...