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vendredi 13 mai 2011



After having several discussions with Mun Ching Yong, Founder of a newly set up enterprise Meher Yoga LifeStyle Coaching in KL, I became very aware of the fact that many people look for short term solutions for their dissatisfaction at work, social life, health issues, etc. Many are allured into spending a lot of money falling prey to advertising gimmicks.

One best example I can think of was a stylish Weight Loss Company at Mines Shopping Complex in SKB, where white clads would help you loose weight. Most of the time, the loss of weight is temporary as they are not addressing the root cause of the weight issue which is due to many factors, among others lifestyle, stress, thinking habits, etc.

How can the PHYSICAL take care of something that is MENTAL and EMOTIONAL?

Why is that the Weight Loss Industry keeps GROWING, if their actions can produce long lasting results?

No one wants to face the root causes: Society and Self.

Who should think of beginning Raja Yoga?

Those who are struck with

  • Unhappiness in Life
  • Symptoms of Sickness or Illness or Not feeling well
  • Depression and Mental Instability
  • All the above have a connection to some thing more than just the body. So just trying to tone up your body will not remove the root cause.
  • Another group, who are seeking self realization, let us call them SEEKERS would definitely benefit.
  • An often neglected group in our society, Troubled Kids and Teenagers can be helped to bring Stability to their mind processes and taught to resolve issues on their own.

What is the immediate effect?

  • Satisfaction that you have a desire to change.
  • Satisfaction that you wish to follow a path towards self realization.
  • Satisfaction that you have decided to follow a spiritual path.

We do not begin our lives planning to become wise and learned, but some of us, like Lifestyle Coach, Mun Ching Yong, saw the path clearly in front of her and has been fearless in, (a) following that path towards self realization and spirituality and (b) had the courage to leave behind the “secure” financial and corporate path which was mapped for her by her family, friends and society.

The Wisdom of Buddha (Dharmapada) Chapter XV on Happiness has the following sentence:

One ought to follow the wise, the intelligent, the learned, the much enduring, the dutiful, the elect; one ought to follow such a good and wise person, as the moon follows the path of the stars.