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mardi 31 mai 2011


It has been a long time since I have had such a sense of balance in my heart and in my life.
As my Hocank Sister would say, “without sacrifice, you cannot hope for harmony in life”. Without that harmony, peace of mind is not attainable, without that peace of mind, loving one another and experiencing affection becomes difficult.
I will summarize How to achieve this Balance. Without elaborating but just mentioning the places from where the people contributed to this Balance.
1. Gratefulness (Paris, France, Sister Jackie in Miami)
2. Asking for Forgiveness (Portland, Oregon)
3. Tolerance of the Old &
Acceptance of the New (Yoga with MunChing in Kuala Lumpur)
4. Giving of yourself without Expectations
(The American Indians)
5. Gift of Time
Spend time with Friends (Since April 1st, I have traveled to be with friends in:
Vancouver, Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, Eagle Pass, Muzquiz, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Cambodia, London, Miami). And always the American Indians(many many in different tribes: Hocank, UmonHon and Kickapoo, Meskwakia among others)
6. Accepting your position in this Universe
7. Learning not to judge people. (taught by American Indians but reinforced by M/Paris and R/PDX and MC/KL)
8. Respect others and If possible Love them.
(Told by Meskwakia Indians)
I have never felt so loved as I am now: all of those mentioned above plus my dearest friends in Cuba.
Once again thanks to my teachers (my friends and relatives among the North American Indians), thanks to my friends and lovers and my family.

I have just spent a few days with my sister Jackie in Miami and her husband Joseph. The unselfishness of M in France always touches my heart. I cannot have a better friend than MC in KL.

So, on this morning I am grateful that all of you are in my life. Introduction to Raja Yoga has given a better understanding of others and as Indians would say, just walk around people who are walking another path