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samedi 14 mai 2011

A CUT ABOVE at Bangsar Merci Beaucoup Feiwen GS and Nadia

A Cut Above at Bangsar Village, Kuala Lumpur. Luxury with Friendship
For a person who lives on the other side of the world to KL, I am lucky to have a close friend living in KL. Each time we make plans to visit, she makes sure that I visit A Cut Above at Bangsar.
This time was no different, the usual pleasant welcome from the front desk, I have come to know their faces. Ushered and deposited to the nimble and efficient hands of the best pedicurist in the world, GS..She knows that my friend brings me here and pampers me with pedi/manicure and a haircut each time I am here.
As GS began working on my neglected feet, destroyed as it were, walking along irregular roads and fields of Cambodia and Myanmar just the week before, a new acquaintance arrived, Nadia who began to prepare my hair for the stylist Feiwen.
I have had others work on my neck and shoulders and scalp but this time it was very different. I can say without a doubt, it was the best preparation for a hair cut and I was almost asleep on the chair, feeling so relaxed with the massage of Nadia’s powerful fingers.
FeiWen, who is the chief stylist and a presence, is always a pleasant encounter and waving his magical scissors had transformed my hair in a few minutes.
All the while, my closes friend in Asia was hovering nearby, bringing me a nice warm cappuccino from the coffee shop downstairs (Delicious with its Burmese waitresses).
We had just had lunch (Dim Sum) at the Hotel Oriental with the Cuban Ambassador. Extremely pleasant a conversation and this visit to GS Feiwen and Nadia at A Cut Above was like Cream on the Cake…
This is not the time to think about the realities of Life but to enjoy the magic of life in Malaysia for me…

Written at Hotel Pavilion, Sussex Gardens, London after a very long flight via Singapour and Tokyo from Kuala Lumpur. I am already looking forward to my next visit to KL in September so, a bientot, GS, Feiwen and Nadia.