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mercredi 20 octobre 2010

A Wonderful Day with Los Indios.. The Original Inhabitants of this Land

Today is 20th October 2010
My feelings are so tender, so warm and so effusive..
What is the source of tenderness? It is the time that i spend with these fountains of love, affection and tenderness..
I had felt the rays of good wishes from Paris, from Spain, from Vietnam, from Malaysia... especially on this day, I was in the company of these ancient people of this earth, the Indians of North America..
Happy Birthdays lining up like pine trees with great expectations
leaves falling on this autumonal breeze
and I sit here thinking of the love that surround me and how little sacrifice can bring so much tenderness!
Thank you, my friends and my lovers, my mother to my little ones, those in the island, Nuestra Isla Rica, my brothers and sisters... and the special ones who bring such cheer into my life..from various corners of this earth..
The photo collage was sent to me from Mexico, where my dear friends the Kikapu live, my sister Mena and her son Keatu and their spiritual leader Chakuoka. The photographer is an excellent one, Jose del Rio. You may wish to visit his website for more beautiful pictures of Mexico...

Gracias a la vida... violeta Parra de Chila
La Vida es un sueno de la Vega, Cuzco