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lundi 4 octobre 2010

What All Happens in the Course of One Week?

LH Miami to Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur. Reunion with Friends over a Chinese Dinner.

Brunch at Mandarin Oriental. Pedicure/Manicure by the greatest Pedicurist in the world, GS at A Cut Above in Bangsar.

MH from KLIA to HCMC. Reunion with a friend from a tour to Mekong River many years ago! Met up with C, the student with whom I will be doing the Khmer Project in Soc Trang. Off to Soc Trang with her. A nice introduction to the Khmer Culture of the Mekong Delta.
Time to begin the journey back home, but a nice reunion with N, who has been a friend of many years.
MH over the cloudy skies from HCMC to KLIA. Nice to see two good friends waiting for me at the airport. One of them is educating me about Breathing Exercises and the other is my best friend in all of Asia.
Thai Style Food. Both of them helping me to pack to go home: carrying Gifts for Paris, American Indian friends.
Left from LCCT on an Air Asia flight to Hong Kong and a few hours later, was aboard an Air France Flight (merci, Flying Blue) back to Paris, a long flight indeed, 12 hours and 12 minutes arriving stealthily at 0520 when flights from Gabon, HoChiMinh, and other points east were also homing to CDG..

Physically tired, Intellectually stimulated and Emotionally saturated...
this is what happens to a traveler in the course of one week...