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dimanche 24 octobre 2010

My Neighbourhood in the City of San Cristobal....Vedado

This is one trip that I am happy to pay for, to anticipate and go through the rigorous customs and immigration check and other hassles.. not to mention the paperwork necessary to travel between Miami and Havana.. No, I am not talking about going to Miami but leaving Miami to go back to Havana.
American Indians, who have a wicked sense of humour, long taunted me: our doctor is the only one wanting to catch a raft back to Cuba! Soy Balsero en Reverso!
Havana has always been a moveable feast and always the place of unexpected pleasures...this time it wil be the same, I go back with no expectation other than the academic work that needs my presence there (Medical Anthropology, they have enough doctors so they dont need foreign doctors!)... long hours spent in discussions, the strength of friendships felt like a tattoo in your heart....the breeze from the Malecon, simple dinners ...
Cuba is the place that makes you realize how wise are the words of Dalai Lama, who once said.. Material Goods do not bring you happiness, it is the gratitude for what you have that brings contendment...
what I have in Havana is pure, unadulterated friendships....