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samedi 14 août 2010

Oh Burma.. What a Wonderful People.. the Sweetest of all Asians

It is way past midnight, I have just arrived from Rangun or Yangon.. and i am so filled with the tendereness of this encounter.. The smiles come so easily to the Burmese and because of the social and economic situation of the country and the deep nature of their Buddhist beliefs, they are much closer to the origin of creation, unpolluted by the rapid economic growth that is affecting its neighbours.
I had gone to a small village six and half hours by car from Yangon, over roads which are not exactly worthy of the vehicles.. to look for three little girls i had known ever since i had started going to Burma... about ten years ago..
It is truly Love in the time of the Monsoons.. Heavy rains, flooded plains.. the river broadening itself into a great ocean swallowing every thing on its way... arrive after dark in a village with little electricity... somehow we manage to meet..
It was a cleansing of the heart.. to grab a little bit of innocence sawed away by the "progress" of other nations.
I am spoken to in Burmese and I am mistaken for a Burmese, which I wear it like a proud compliment. I dont mind being mistaken for a Burmese..
I wrote a story about the Hat Sellers of Chaungtha Beach in the travel book: From Myanmar with Love.. Now the small hat sellers are growing up, and I am there to make sure that a future is available to them, even if they live so far away.. with very little connection to the capital city of Rangoon let alone the rest of the world