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samedi 15 mai 2010


For Frequent Fliers to the USA, I strongly recommend the programme Global Entry. I entered the Immigration Hall and it took me no more than sixty seconds to get cleared, and the immigration officer looked at the print out and said: Welcome to the States.. Since I had no luggage, and the queue was short, just one question from the Customs Agent: any food or Alcohol.. None. and altogether within five minutes of entering Immigration Hall, you are out of the customs and immigration area.
The white card that is printed out when you put your ID as well as your finger tips on the machine, says the flight you have been on, so that they dont have to question you and in fact very seldom you will talk to anyone in the officialdom..
Within half an hour of the Air France flight touching down, i had gotten out of the plane, cleared immigration and customs, gotten my boarding passes for the next flight and then cleared the security to enter the boarding area and viola.. I was in the Presidents Club of Continental Airlines.. After a long flight over from Europe, it is always nice to be welcomed.. Bobbie S, the continental agent at the reception at Presidents Club, said, nice to see you again, Welcome Back...
I must admit, I have entered USA on numerous occasions, and it is always with smiles and friendliness that I have not seen at any of the major international airports.. Merci Beaucoup.. Gracias...