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vendredi 28 mai 2010

MAYA ST CYR daughter of my friends you make us all proud

Maya St Cyr HoCank/Umonhon Indian 17 years old was among the 100 graduates who received their diplomas recently at the Boys Town School in Omaha, Her inspiring story was featured in the local TV and is available for view at you tube

As a Physician Anthropologist interested in the health and future of Indians of the Americas, Maya and her story of success is awe inspiring. It is success and vicotry of love and guidance over social ills of living in isolation, surrounded by poverty and cultural discrimination, poor educational standards to become one of the three graduates to enter the prestigious Creighton University with a view of becoming a Doctor!

On my next visit to the reservation of her parents, I would be discussing with the people concerned at the tribal health departmentts, how we can emulate the Boys Town experience, what Boys Town does is what most of America needs if they want their children to succeed not just a selected few in selected private schools.