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samedi 29 mai 2010

Au Revoir.. A bientot La Havanne Mai 2010

arrivals and departures
if it is a voyage, then there is sadness
the longings for the love and affections lefft behind
and the incertitude of the return, an anxiety of the loss of remembered times
but what if Havana is part of a journey?
there are no Departures nor Arrivals
the affections enhanced by the brief absence ahead
wind to a fire, someone has said it before
the journey enlarges the love and affection that is Havana
the harshness of everyday life of other countries is masked by the reality
of existence here
and the innocence like the new growth from the cracks of walls
blushes forth
almost every one who comes to visit this island hates to leave its shores
deep in their hearts they foudn the stream that had not been allowed
a free expression under their own skies
now it flows, without its usual inhibitions
as i change my skins
from the intellectual and innocent interactions that touch my soul
i leave you, havana, with no sadness, my emotional life await me in Paris with
its gurgles and its daily gifts of new expressions
so it is neither a bientot au revoir or adios to you la habana la havanne havana
it is just that my retina has shifted a little
to other continents and soon it will once again focus on you....

in french, Quand on a va revoir la personne dans quelques heures: A Tout a l'heure!