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lundi 26 avril 2010

Fantastic Days in La Habana

What can I say except a Big GRACIAS to my family friends and other loves in La Habana! Some people meditate to cleanse themselves, some climb mountains, others flaggelate themselves, but to me I am in La Habana to cleanse myself of the dirt accumulated of living the outside world! it seems an exaggeration, but it has always been true, this is not a late realization. I love being here, was supposed to leave a week earlier. The news of Icelandic Volcano was a disappointment for many, for me an utter bliss that made me stay an extra week in La Habana!
Each and every day something new and exciting; cementing my long term friendships, making new ones, enjoying the purity of affections, to feel at home in this island. I felt cleansed of body and soul, to the other home of mine, Paris.
I am writing this from Paris and will add my recollections of days in La Habana...