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mercredi 31 mars 2010

Malaysia in Paris

A Bit of Malaysia in the heart of Paris
I had noticed the bold Malaisie announcing the existence of the Malaysian Tourism Office more than once as I walked along the street that leads to the magnificent Opera Garnier. Today my destination was Nespresso, but I decided to go in to see what exactly was inside. As many of you know, Malaysia is touted as one of the top 10 tourist destination for the year 2010. The welcome indeed was warm, obviously the French lady had been exposed to the Malaysian Hospitality! I collected a few brochures, was interested in the volunteer tours to Muzium Negara offered in French and English on Thursdays, a set of postcards which I will distribute among my friends in Cuba, next week when I return there. I wanted to know the address of the boutique of the Chinese Malaysian designer. When I was last in Malaysia his design did make headlines since the visiting French Minister of Economy, Christine Lagarde was seen wearing one of his designs.
Since 2008, I have been very lucky to have visited Malaysia many many times, I loose count, more than ten times, which is especially great when you think I live half way around the world! My best friend in Asia is from KL and she keeps me informed with the relevant articles relating to Malaysia and my interest in the Health of the population as well as critiques of Malaysian Millieu from inside and outside; she includes articles from The Star which makes me feel that I am close to KL. Whenever I am in Kl, I am kept very busy but each evening ends with delicious dinners from local restaurants (I never eat European food in Malaysia)..
Mr Ng the designer is a Parisian now, has his boutique at 89, Rue de Reamur, near metro station Sentier on Line 3.
Mrs J the ,marketing executive was very helpful, she had to call the manager to get details and that she did and found out the address for me; that would be my next stop in finding Malaysia in Paris!
Mrs J told me that the best months for a good fare from Paris to KL on MH is april mau june sept and October. But Eithihad; Qatar and Egyptair all offer good fares year around; For example, right now Egyptair has a round trip fare of 450€ from Paris to KL, around 2000 MYR which is an excellent fare indeed!
Last year more than 130 000 french nationals went to Malaysia, through her offices, of which she was very proud
I think it is high time the French and other Europeans discover what I have been enjoying
The Malaysian Hospitality…
And in my case, I can look forward to it in August and again in November and with a bit of luck once more in between.. website in Francaise en espanol, para nuestros amigos hispanohablante de Espana y Hispanoamerica. MH tiene un vuelo direto desde Buenos Aires a KL via Ciudad del Cabo y Johanisburgo ;
Office National du Tourisme Malaisie é
29 ? rue des Pyramides, 75001 Paris
33 1 42974171